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OEM & Charger

You can’t manufacture all the parts of your products, and OEM service is the right option to save you time, money, and energy to do what your company really can do from your own business.

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer” for any private labels and brand. We can print your own logo on the product(battery) that are making for you, either by trial order or by mass production, while the latter requires a brand licensing.

spot welder
Spot welder

To some, OEM means a product that is designed entirely based on the buyer specification, while others classify even the slightest modification of an existing ODM product design, as OEM.

OEM is also a custom battery solution provider that can manufacture the required shell, size, capacity, power and even battery cells(Chinese cells, Japanese cells, Korean cells, American cells and others), and accessories such as corresponding and dedicated chargers, wires, connectors, plugs, and so on.


While we also have a group of R&D team with great experience in lithium ion batteries and energy solution area, you will also get advice and answer to what is more applicable(exclusive non-disclosure agreement is acceptable) even in larger volumes in a shorter time frame.

The charger that we have has stationary voltage, such as 5.0V, 12.6V, 29.4V, 42.0V, 63V, etc for lithium NiCoMn battery(rated 3.7V), and 14.6V, 29.4V, 42.0V, 58.4V, etc for lithium iron phosphate battery(rated 3.2V).

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OEM service means you have your own liable and thorough one-stop manufacturer to solve many kinds of manufacturing, labeling, technical, logistical and after-sale service problem by one simply click.

Easiness Energy is glad to help.

Some FAQ About Energy Storage

Why use lithium iron phosphate batteries?

Lithium iron phosphate batteries(LFP) are much safer, longer life-span, and saving more space than many other lithium ion batteries, deep cycle is supported.

Can I custom my energy storage battery?

Yes, lithium ion batteries are customized and modularized. The exterior case, the capacity other than 200Ah, the BMS with active balancing and more are your option.

Are other modules also provided?

Yes. Though we are a battery manufacturer, other modules like solar panel, inverter, charger, and many others can be also provided as integrated system if require.

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