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Cells LookUp

A battery cell is the minimum unit to be used as battery, which can be stored as chemical energy into the required electric power.

There are so many types of battery cells, primary or rechargeable, round or special shaped, lithium or others. Easiness Energy can help you look up the following most popular cells using around the world for your convenience.

cells lookup
Lithium ion batteries

A.Cells types

1.By shape:
Cylindrical cells(10440, 14500, 16340, 17490, 18650, 21700, 26650, 32650, etc);
Polymer cells(solid polymer electrolyte battery, gel polymer electrolyte battery, laminated solid polymer battery);
Prismatic cells(aluminum shell prismatic battery)

2.By anode material:
Nickel-Metal Hydride battery(NiMH battery), Lithium Cobalt Oxides battery(LiCO battery), Lithium Manganate battery(LMO battery), Lithium Iron Phosphate battery(LiFePO4 battery), Lithium Nickel-Colbat-Manganese battery(LiNiCoMnO2 battery), etc

3.By application:
Consumer electronics(power bank, loudspeaker, portable printer, GPS, medical equipment, etc);
Energy storage system(solar/wind energy, portable power station, water pump system, household backup energy, emergency power, etc);
Motive power energy(electric bicycle, golf cart, forklift, automatic guided vehicle, all terrain vehicle, etc);
Industrial power energy(robot, emergency system, exploration instrument, electrical equipment, logistics and delivery, etc); etc

Lithium polymer battery

B.Quality types

Cells will be classified into three types when produced, which is evaluated and measured by their rated capacity, discharge stability, internal resistance, performance, appearance, etc.

1.Grade A: For battery cells that are performed and looked well on capacity, internal resistance and appearance.
2.Grade B: For battery cells that are showing with slight flaw and performing with slight less capacity or size.
3.Grade C: For battery cells that are disqualified on performance, capacity, size, internal resistance and surface. Furthermore, the single grade B cells will turn into grade C without using for more than 8 months.

Grade C battery

Some FAQ About Energy Storage

Why use lithium iron phosphate batteries?

Lithium iron phosphate batteries(LFP) are much safer, longer life-span, and saving more space than many other lithium ion batteries, deep cycle is supported.

Can I custom my energy storage battery?

Yes, lithium ion batteries are customized and modularized. The exterior case, the capacity other than 200Ah, the BMS with active balancing and more are your option.

Are other modules also provided?

Yes. Though we are a battery manufacturer, other modules like solar panel, inverter, charger, and many others can be also provided as integrated system if require.

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