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Polymer Battery

Lithium ion polymer battery(also known as pouch battery or LIP) is an upgrading products from cylindrical battery with higher discharge rate. Its voltage is usually with 3.7V each. One cell break-down has little effect on other batteries when operating.

It provides a flexible size yet can be easily swelling.

Polymer battery has the capacity mainly in 80mAh, 350mAh, 1000mAh, 2100mAh, 3000mAh, 6400mAh and 10000mAh. The polymer battery is growing in popularity and serves similar applications to the prismatic battery.

Polymer battery can be served but not limit to the list as follow:

  • UAV
  • Electrical toys
  • Medical equipment
  • RC tools
  • VR device
  • Military device
  • Energy storage system
  • Irrigation system
  • Other outdoor solutions