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Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium ion battery, or Li-ion battery, is known as its maintenance-free, longer cycle life and higher energy density that can save you time and energy for daily use.

Cylindrical battery mainly serves for residential purpose for its lower cost, prismatic battery mostly serves for commercial purpose for its higher safety, and Li-Po battery largely serves for outdoor purpose for its flexibility.

Here is a brief summary that might help choose the battery you want.

  Cylindrical Battery Prismatic Battery Polymer Battery
Safety Relief valves double protection, PTC Snuffle valve protection Housing protection
Pressure Resistance Better Good Normal
Power Performance Better Good Normal
Volume Large Small Small
Cost High Low Low
Configuration Normal shell Metal or plastic shell, barely chargeable Can be designed to any size
Cooling Performance Better Good Normal
Manufacturability Mature production, automatable Normal Normal
Feature Large surface area for heat dissipation Easy assembling and engineering Easy assembling, low mechanical strength
Application Widespread use(for transportation or consumer electronics) Transportation, stored energy Transportation, stored energy