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Energy Storage

Most of the energy facitlities use long-duration lithium iron phosphate batteries(LFP), which provide enough energy to shore up the energy storage system for approximately four hours and more.

Energy storage helps to peak shaving, load shifting, self-consumption, off-grid homes, emergency backup and more, mainly including between commercial, residential and industrial sector. To sum up, it reduces much expense. 

With battery technology developing right now, it makes each energy supply independent and environmentally friendly. Easiness Energy provides reliable, flexible and profitable battery to make a better system and integration.

Please note that short-term thinking has no place in the energy sector. Longevity on products and system can effectively control cost and also allows you a competitive edge for now and the future.

The world is ready to move beyond carbon, Easiness Energy is ready to help.

Telecommunication energy
water pump energy
street light energy
irrigation energy

Some FAQ About Energy Storage

Why use lithium iron phosphate batteries?

Lithium iron phosphate batteries(LFP) are much safer, longer life-span, and saving more space than many other lithium ion batteries, deep cycle is supported.

Can I custom my energy storage battery?

Yes, lithium ion batteries are customized and modularized. The exterior case, the capacity other than 200Ah, the BMS with active balancing and more are your option.

Are other modules also provided?

Yes. Though we are a battery manufacturer, other modules like solar panel, inverter, charger, and many others can be also provided as integrated system if require.

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