This is at the heart of what we are doing

Controlling temperature differential, expanding cycle life, calibrating exact voltage, eliminating extra resistance, and decreasing self discharge…

These are the factors that most people consider on a battery.

In order to make each lithium ion batteries producing its best possible energy, the battery cells must be highly in consistency. Easiness Energy carefully selects each battery cells using for the battery packs matching, to ensure that the difference between each cell is less than 3% on capacity(mAh), voltage(V), and internal resistance(Ω).

Here are some basic performance that must be ready first on your battery for safety:

  • Regular Performance: Capacity, Voltage, Internal Resistance
  • Reliability Performance: Cycle Life, Discharge Voltage Plateau, Self Discharge Value, Storage Performance, High-Low Temperature Performance
  • Safety Performance: Over-Charge, Short Circuit, Puncture, Drop, Soaking, Low Voltage, Vibration.

Find the battery right for your facility.