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You need more than a test unit, you need the LiFePO4 batteries manufacturer applying importantly on solar and wind industry, energy storage system, leisure batteries, warehouse functioning, etc.
Easiness Energy provides quick custom design lifepo4 battery pack solutions towards successful and long term business.

custom lithium battery


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lead acid replacement solutions


campervan leisure battery storage?

camper van storage
camper van storage

ES R2480

US $907.77

CamperVan leisure battery storage can be any size, mostly by 12V, 24V and 48V in a battery pack. That is the fire-proof housing, longer lifespan LiFePO4 battery pack, and designated smart BMS(battery management system) to meet the power and energy requirement for all kinds of recreational vehicles(campervan off grid living). It is not just the 2 ~ 4 hours that people would like to stay in living room area with lights turn on, they need more options by whatever it can be under more energy and power. We value every vanlife style.

solar energy storage

EL A1260

US $310.61

Lead acid replacement battery is much more important than it used to be, since the LiFePO4 is a much lighter, safer, better efficiency, quicker charging, 10 ~20 times more cycle life, and most importantly, they don’t need any maintenance at all. It is a LiFePO4 battery pack installed within a lead acid battery box – with alternative connectors, plugs or buttons, high quality PCB(printed circuit board) control and an easy-to-handle holder. EL series battery is usually a 12.8V battery pack provided with shorter lead time and fixed size dimension.

solar energy storage
golf cart battery
golf cart battery

EM E48100

US $1721.49

Low speed vehicle not only includes golf carts, folklifts, three wheelers, motocycles, but also electric scooters, hoverboards, AGV(Automatic Guided Vehicle), ATV(All-Terrain Vehicle), et cetera. These are mostly 12V and 48V with batteries in series – that is more replace-able and preferable when one battery goes down under acceptable price. Thus it can’t be just the 520*450*260mm on the EM E48100. We can use high current (5C) binding post(or 500A flat wiping Anderson) connector to help with series circuit connection, iron bar to help with seperation and stability, and maybe a simple SOH displayer.

What Sets Us Apart

custom lithium battery

Professional Experience

We have been customising lithium battery for more than 10 years by using CATL battery, Free CAD case design are available to be provided as well.
telcom power storage

Wide Range Power

The outstanding continuous discharge current supports 300A, and max instant current goes to 600A.
smart bluetooth bms

Smart Bluetooth BMS

The smart battery management system protects and monitor the whole battery by bluetooth and convenient features.
battery test

All Tests for Consistency

Tests that are completed for safety and shipping will be ready in time to your local independent certification authorities.

Favourable Price

It is never able to be the cheapest products of the market, but a more beneficial and useful energy storage system in direct factory price.
after-sake services

Full Support & Service

From instant email reply to custom lithium battery solutions, from pre-sales ideas and order details to after-sales services.

Estimated Battery Price

All custom lithium batteries are unique and adaptive, all the payment is secure and guaranteed. The estimated battery price includes:

Battery Cells

Capacity options from 5Ah to 300Ah each piece on a battery, CATL battery as your first brand option


Smart BMS is equiped with bluetooth(BLE), RS485/232, weak current switch, PNP, active balance, auto control, etc


Aluminum metal plate, ABS, PP, PE, etc


Wires, cables, connectors, adhesive tapes, barley paper, epoxy plate, nickel sheet, chargers, wooden box, etc

battery manufacturer


Double aging tests, impact test, over load test, temp test, etc



Freight & Shipping

FOB(inland transportation cost), CIF(FOB+shipping+insurance), DDP(CIF+import tariff+land carriage), etc

Payment Terms

Mostly T/T by 30% payment before order, 70% balance payment before B/L

Extra Cost

When you have further requirement on something extra, it may cost

Procedure Flow & Duration Estimation

Please note that the BMS and the custom casing take no less than two weeks after your order is proceeding, the final lead time depends on the preparation of raw materials, the slack or busy seasons, the condition of transportation, and the communication between you and us.


Detail & Design

When it comes to your applications and power, we help design and custom the appropriate lithium battery with OEM or ODM solutions.


Samples & Adjustment

Samples and adjustment are followed by a group of our R&D members and the Sample Dept workers so as to make everything right.


Manufacturing & Packaging

20 ~ 35 days. The formal contracts will push to bulk production manufacturing, packaging batteries in cartons or wooden box for safekeeping after indispensable testing and labeling.


Certification & Shipping

Certification takes 3 to 14 days as required, and we can help ship the cargo to destination with custom clearance and land transportation that goes to 7 ~ 45 days.

Customer Review

They are very easy to install and very secure for my three-wheelers. So far so good, I think I will check later and see how the batteries are.

Asif H. A., India, 48V120Ah

I purchase the batteries(on boat power backup) from Easiness Energy every season and they solve problem without delay. Easy and simple.

Sam W., England, 11.1V13Ah

Fast delivery and quality product.

Michael B., Germany, 48V20Ah

It takes some time on shipping but I like their batteries. They design the batteries with the size I need and the interface I want. I really need the extension indicator. The batteries work well on my golf carts for now. Great talk with Mike and Benny. I’m sure I will make order next time.

Ana M., Spain, 48V75Ah

All batteries fit as designed very compact, lots of room for wiring. I mean to replace the starting battery(lead one) with lithium batteries since they are really lighter and run 4 hours longer than it used to. You can’t believe this is the work done by a 13 lbs battery on the 24V tracker boat. Worthy. The only thing is I have to another self tapping screws as the first one doesn’t work.

Andrew W., Australia, 24V50Ah


solar and wind energy storage

Solar & Wind Energy

home emergency power energy storage system

Emergency Power

golf carts

Golf Cart

forklifts and pallet jack

Forklift & Pallet Jack

water pump storage

Energy Storage

recreational vehicles

RV & Campervan

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