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battery energy storage system

Posted by author 1st Mar., 2023

How to Test a Battery: LiFePO4 Guide

There are two gauges to test a LiFePO4 battery: a multimeter to test the voltage under the direct current(DC) area, or a battery tester to test the capacity or voltage from your input data?

battery energy storage system

Posted by author 4th July, 2022

Ultimate Guide: What are Lithium Ion Batteries

Batteries are the electrochemical energy storage device/system, reversibly transformed between electric energy and chemical energy under redox reaction. What are lithium ion batteries? What’s inside them?

lithium ion batteries

Upated by author 23rd May, 2022

How to Choose the Golf Cart Batteries: Lithium Ion Or Lead Acid

Lithium ion batteries are commonly used in golf carts recently already, while lead acid is still taking 60% of golf cart market. How are the lithium ion batteries performed compared to lead acid batteries?