About Us

Energy as a service, Easiness as a style

We are Easiness Energy Company.

We are a group of enthusiasts and professionals in R&D team and market research team that are committed to bringing you the most required battery technology and feature.

We provide renewable energy resources for daily life, which are clean and environmental.

  • One that was built for the high electricity cost area rather than for the temporary energy replacement plan.
  • One that could be easily handled by everyone and sincerely trusted by most people that have been used.
  • One that is simply willing to try something new.

We didn’t mean to change the world, but it does change your choice to get into a more reliable, durable and still powerful energy within a not long future.


we’d like to be your most dependable manufacturer partner,

providing high-quality products at a reasonable price for your market.


    there are something more…

    If you’ve ever wonder: “Where can I find efficient battery pack that suits my product well?”

    You’re now in the right place.

    Easiness Energy Company offers sustainable small energy solution and efficient battery pack with voltage from 7.4V to 96V, and capacity from 2Ah to 300Ah(for now).

    We provide battery for renewable energy system such as Solar & Wind Energy, Emergency Power, and Energy Storage; high performing light-weight vehicles such as Golf Cart, Recreational Vehicle, and Forlklift & Pallet Jack; and other custom battery pack with variable size.

    To succeed with business, all you need to do is achieve qualified enough products?

    If only it were that easy…

    That doesn’t mean battery within high quality is difficult, but means you need complete integration, communication and command as well.

    That’s what Easiness Energy Company strives to do.

    A business needs to understand what people are doing and what drives them to succeed before we are enamored with our own products as well.

    From exterior case design, battery pack assessment, BMS board compatibility, communication protocol adjustment, complete test & certification, assembling and packaging, to serial ID, label recognition, and maintenance & repairing for after-sale service.

    We are driven to meet and exceed our customer expectations for quality and service.

    Every Question Gets Response
    We have strict time limits for responding to emails or phone call during the business day, and enforce those time limits to the best of our ability. We are accommodating to our clients, and are always open to suggestions on how we can be more so. Whether you’re looking for specifications, certifications, drawing or something else, Easiness Energy Company is always there when you need us. We’re constantly evolving our products to reach even higher standards for design, quality, manufacturing, and environmental sustainability.

    We Make It Personal
    When you start to work with us, you can count on personalized, one-on-one service every step of the way, one-on-one solution every situation of the products. It is your personal design, personal market, and personal requirement to make everything happen, and also our instinct, devotion, and elaboration to make something better enough. Easiness Energy Company can be your private supplier to eliminate 78% wrong market that doesn’t belong to you.

    We Stand By Our Values
    We don’t represent every line of energy consuming products out there, we only represent the lines we believe in. That means you can trust us to provide energy solution that will work correctly, run consistently over the long term, and help your business increase productivity and efficiency. We don’t spend a lot on exploring locally, inquiring FtoF, and developing innovatively like major corporation does to get straight to 99% correction, yet Easiness Energy Company still makes revolution bit by bit.

    Good things only happen when people move their first step.

    What’s your question?